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Personal Banking Market Report


  • This monthly report tracks the Canadian market for demand and notice deposits, term deposits, mortgages, personal loans and credit cards by product and sector.  It covers the market size and growth trends by product and it calculates market share and trends for the 47 banks and 12 trust and mortgage companies with personal offers in Canada.  We provide detailed changes in market share trends, published strategies, advertising messages and relevant press releases for the 20 largest banks and trusts.  We update your team with frequent, customized presentations covering the most recent trends and key issues in the market.  

  • Annual Subscription:  $8,000 plus taxes.

Personal Credit Union Report


  • This reports tracks balances and market share trends for the 25 largest credit unions and caisses populaire in Canada.  Share views of the total Canadian Market, the Canadian Credit Union Market, the Provincial Credit Union Market and share of the Provincial Bank Market allows subscribers to understand their credit union performance from all relevant dimensions.   

  • Annual Subscription:  $4,500 plus taxes

  • Annual Subscription for both the banking and credit union reports:  $10,000. plus taxes

Commercial Market Share Report


  • This report provides market size and growth trends and market share for commercial demand and term deposits, non-residential mortgages and commercial loans.  Commercial loan share can be broken down by <$500K, $500K - $5M and over $5M (if you are able to break down your own balances this way).  We currently track commercial share for the 8 largest banks and 7 credit unions.


  • Annual subscription:  $4,500 plus taxes

  • $2,000 plus taxes if purchased together with the Personal Banking or Credit Union Market Report.

Local Market Share


  • ​This report calculates market share down to the branch level.  We define markets based on the 330 Federal Election Districts (FED), each with a population of about 100,000.  We profile each FED using census data and income tax statistics.  Key dimensions include population, population growth, population by age segment, investment income and real estate value and more.  We then allocate the bank market based on our proprietary formulae to provide market sizing for each FED for personal demand deposits, term deposits, mortgages and personal loans.  Subscribers receive market share by product updated quarterly with roll ups from the branch, FED, District, Division and corporate levels.  Subscribers use the report to:
    • Measure performance of branches and districts
    • Identify local operating strategies that drive superior performance (eg:  hours of service, location attributes, specialist sales force deployments etc.)
    • Identify priority markets for expansion
    • Rationalize their current distribution system
  • Cost:  Setup:             $5,000 plus taxes
  • Annual Subscription:  $200 per branch for first 25 branches and $100 per branch for the remainder of branches, plus taxes.

Strategy Workshops


  •  We offer customized workshop design and facilitation to achieve your objectives.  Whether it is your Senior Executive team meeting to address pressing strategic issues or it is your management team tasked with developing alternative solutions to win in any market situation, we are there to help.  

  • Proposals customized upon request. 

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